Saturday, 16 April 2011

Etsy shop!

My little Etsy shop is now being filled up with delicious vegan treats for you to eat! I can deliver to your door in the Norwich area, or I can work out postage and have it delivered to you by a happy post man if you live in the UK!

I am also making up easter selection boxes containing a cinnamon whirl, a whoopie pie (lots of flavours to choose from) a slice of hazelnut mousse cake and an individual lemon citron tart. Email me at for details.


  1. oh my gosh YUM!! i wish i lived near you. i'm starving and then i come and look at these and almost die ;)

    your blog is delicious. i mean REALLY delicious. again, wishing you could deliver to my doorstep. that would be H.E.A.V.E.N!

  2. Awww thankyou!! Where do you live? Maybe I coulds mail you something?! xxx