Sunday, 4 March 2012

Clutter City Spring Fair!

The Spring Clutter City was yesterday and it was amazing! It was a sell out and I am so sorry if your favourite cake had gone by the time you got to my stall! (damn you for being so popular green tea and pistachio whoopie pie!) But I will be back at the Forum for a 2 day event at the end of April (more to come on that!) Thanks to everyone who came and chatted to us and bought cakes! It's so nice to hear from vegans who love our cakes and chocolates and thank us for providing them with a stall that they 'can eat anything from'! And it's so nice to meet people who aren't vegan but love our cakes too because of our different flavour combinations and because 'you wouldn't know it didn't have dairy in it'! Thanks to you all XXX

Also my lovely friend Rosamunde had a wonderful stall selling handmade fabric and felt toys! Once she has a web page I will pop it on here!

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