Saturday, 28 July 2012

This week at Deerly Beloved Bakery!

What a busy week! No sooner was the Veggie Fair over I was back in the kitchen baking my weekly orders for the cafes I supply! On Thursday I had to make a Gruffalo cake topper for a very special little boys who's 3rd birthday it is soon, more photos to come of the whole cake and the party! Then it was the Norwich Makers Market so I was baking away in a boiling kitchen all day on Friday, although there is no where I would rather be than baking and making exciting new treats, it is extra hard when it's 30c outside!
Then on my day off Kyle and I booked the venue for our very small but beautiful civil wedding for next year! We took my mum along with us to have a look at the venue and she had a little cry, it as very emotional! We then got a letter through to say it was all booked and it was very weird but exciting to read my name next to the word bride! We are also adding a new addition to our family...a baby girl schnauzer puppy! She won't be born for a little while yet but we can't wait to have a little dog as we have both grown up with dogs our whole life and love them very much, I also hope it will curb Kyle's habit of stopping everyone he meets who has a dog!!!
Also This week Biddy's Tea Room has opened a new take away shop downstairs and will be having our savoury tarts and more cakes from our range!!! This has been met with great excitement from my customers so thankyou! Vegans Rock!

Badges by the wonderful Laura Manfre and Cupcakes By Jess 

Picture by the lovely Pin Pin Finds

Biddy's Tea Room New Take Away Shop! 

Exciting times ahead! 

The cutest dog ever! Our puppy will be the sister of this little munchkin! 

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