Wednesday, 15 August 2012

August's Deerly Beloved Vegan Get Together

Yesterday saw Kyle's birthday and the August Vegan Get Together! It was such a great day and lots of cake was consumed! I made Kyle a Rose and Pistachio cake with a picture of his dog Maisie Moo painted on the top! He was so happy, as regular readers of the blog will know how crazy he is about his Manchester pooch!
The Get Together was a great success with our biggest turn out yet! There were masses of cake and our regular get togetherer Jane made some amazing flapjacks even though by her on admission she 'never cooks'! Also our good friend Rachel who took some of the pics for this blog post made the most amazing chocolate raspberry cake! Here's to cake and the September Vegan Get Together! X


  1. I love the painted cake! What did you use to do it?

  2. I use natural food colourings from India Tree and a paint brush! Hope you are doing well my dear! x