Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Deerly Beloved Bakery Limited Edition Christmas Chocolate box

The Deerly Beloved Bakery Limited Edition Christmas Chocolate Box:

Peppermint fondant chocolate drizzle snowflake: A rich Peppermint Fondant covered in 65% Cocoa Chocolate to form a beautiful snowflake'

Honeycomb Heart: Tiny honeycomb crumble set in 65% Chocolate heart (this tastes like an indulgent malteser)!!!!

Mulled Wine and Pistachio Truffle: This rich truffle is made with a non alcoholic mulled wine with orange peel and then rolled in crushed pistachio nuts.
Presented in a box with a festive bow

£7 for a box of 6 Plus £4.50 P+P for 'First Class Recorder Signed For'. Order now at you can pay by cheque or we can send you a papal invoice. Order early to avoid disappointment. Our last posting date is 18th of December.

Ingredients: All truffles contain organic cocoa solids 65%, cocoa butter, non bone char sugar, soya lecithin,
soya milk/coconut milk.

Peppermint fondant: peppermint extract, chocolate.

Honeycomb Heart: agave, bicarbonate of soda.
Mulled Wine Truffle: pistachio nuts, grape juice, orange peel, cinnamon, clove, ginger.

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