Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Week According To My Camera!

1) The family meal I made! First course mini savoury profiteroles with cashew nut chives cheese, cucumber pickle salad and piccalilli.
2) Second course, Stuffed leek ballotine with a wild mushroom stuffing, fondant potatoes, swede and parsnip purée, red cabbage with cranberry, and mushroom and thyme gravy.
3) Third course, Hazelnut snap basket with chocolate mousse and pistachios, pomegranate jelly and mulled wine syrup. Then (un-pictured) I made pomegranate and yuzu truffles!
4&5) Plating up!
6) Beautiful tulips from my step dad
7) Christmas morning! Father Christmas has been and Rudolph too! 
8) My presents!
9) My deer presents
10) Christmas lunch, reading and plenty of greens!
11) Christmas lunch!
12) Kyle and I on Christmas day
13) Beautiful vegetables for Boxing day Borscht
14&15) Borscht soup with sour cream and sourdough toast! 
16) Late night salads!

I hope you have had a great Christmas! X

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