Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sweet Potato and Blueberry Dog Treats. Soy Free/Gluten Free/Vegan

Tonight I made Aggi some Sweet Potato and Blueberry dog treats and they have been thoroughly  taste tested by the little girl herself! By the way she has been whining for more of them, I would say they are totally yummy! They are really simple to make and are Soy Free, Gluten Free and of course Vegan perfect for fur babies that have allergies! I added a little flax for their omega fats and some VegeDog supplement to make this a nutritious dog treat. However you can still make the recipe with out these things so don't panic if you don't have them to hand.

Sweet Potato: Easily digested and soothing to the dogs stomach and is high in beta carotene.
Flax Seed: High is Omega 3 fatty acids so great for your dogs skin and coat.
Blueberries: High in antioxidants, manganese and vit c that helps with immune function and healthy gums.

1 and 1/2 Cups of Gluten Free Flour (I used Doves Farm Plain Flour)
1 Cup of Mashed Sweet Potato
3 Tbsp of Olive Oil
1/4 Cup of Blueberries chopped into small pieces
1 Level Tbsp of Milled Flaxseed
VegeDog Supplement (Please read the packet to determine how much you need for the size and weight of your dog)
1 Tbsp of Cold Water

In a bowl mix the flour, oil, blueberries, flaxseed and VegeDog. Mix well, breaking up the blueberries into the flour to help dehydrate them.

Then add the mashed sweet potato and water and use your hands to knead it into a smooth dough.

Roll out on to a gluten free floured surface and use a cutter or a knife to shape the dough into bite size biscuits.

Lay them out on a tray and cook in a hot oven at 200c for 8-10 minutes until puffed and brown. Keep an eye on them as they turn golden pretty quick depending on how small or big you make them!  Leave to cool completely and then use them as doggy treats! They keep for at least a week in a dry cool place. Now your best four legged friend can enjoy yummy home cooked treats too! 


  1. What a great idea! Are you going to sell them? I once did a fundraising cake stall for a dog's home charity my friend was working for and people kept asking if I made dog treats as well.

  2. I could do, what a great idea! I could sell some at my stalls and see if they sell well! X