Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hebden Bridge Holiday.

Kyle and I have just been of on our summer holiday/honeymoon. Our cottage was amazing and Hebden Bridge was just wonderful! It is so vegan friendly and although we didn't get to eat in the main 2 veggie restaurants (we couldn't leave Aggi Pup alone at the cottage) there were lots of cafes and shops that allowed her in and did great vegan fair! It was also lovely to see Sam and Martin who we don't get to see enough, and have a good catch up with them! We got back to Norwich on sunday and now the bakery is back in full swing! I thought I would post a few snaps and mention some of the little gems we found while we were away!

 This peppermint brownie from Saker Bakery was amazing! As was the whole bakery! We ate cakes and pasties from there every day and their range of breads was fantastic! So reasonably priced too!

We went to a wonderful little shop called Pennine Provisions  which was a fab wholefoods and deli selling lots of redwood faux meats, cheese and cakes. It also had these wonderful Inspiral kale chips that were soooo moreish and I basically ate the whole tub in one go! oppps! The Om Bar was yummy, something I wanted to try for ages in Norwich, but was always put off the price. Although it was nice, at £2.50 for a small bar you are definitely paying for the fact that it is raw and organic.

 I tried Kombucha for the first time and it was so yummy! Kinda tastes alcoholic (well it is a fermented drink) and it was full of fruity flavour and made me feel more energetic for all the walking we did later that afternoon!

 We found a lovely little cafe called Mooch. Their vegan adaptable chickpea burger with cous cous and salad was really good. We were really excited to try their vegan cooked breakfast but we were pretty disappointed. It consisted of beans, half a cooked tomato, 3 pieces of brown toast, fried mushrooms (though  those were the good points) then 2 slices of unseasoned lightly fried tofu that were pretty greasy and 'raw' not all crispy like you would expect, and a pale hashbrown that was again greasy and undercooked. On the upside their soya Chai Latte was AMAZING and we had one every day of our trip!

 More goodies from Saker Organic Bakery!
 Olives from the Sunday Market. There is also a big market on a thursday with fresh fruit and vegetables.
 There are no Tescos or Sainsburys, yayyy! Only one small Co-op which had everything we needed! There are also no coffee chains or sandwich chains which is so lovely and refreshing!
 This shop Valley Organics we found as soon as we arrived and we then knew we were going to love our trip! We stocked up on Jolly Yum ice cream which is soooo good and very reasonably priced and good quality ingredients too!


  1. What a lovely holiday. I've not been to Hebden for ages and it's only half an hour away by train. I will definitely have to get over soon and check out that bakery and have a soy chai latte!

  2. You really should that bakery is AMAZING! X

  3. Hebden is fab isn't it. A very unusual Northern Town. Did you notice on the signs as you enter, someone has scribbled "twinned with Narnia"! Pity you didn't get to Greens Veggie Cafe. It's wonderful. Next time maybe!

    1. oh yes the 'twinned with Narnia' sign is fab! Well my husband comes from Manchester and we visit his family 3 times a year so hopefully we can get there again and go to Greens!

    2. oh yes the 'twinned with Narnia' sign is fab! Well my husband comes from Manchester and we visit his family 3 times a year so hopefully we can get there again and go to Greens!