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Isa Chandra Moskowitz Interview!

Last summer I was asked if I would like to review or interview the fabulous Isa Chandra Moskowitz for her up coming book 'Isa Does It'. As she is one of my all time favourite cooking idols, I jumped at the chance! 
So last September her book arrived at my door and I haven't stopped reading it since. It is amazing, full of inspirational recipes, hints and tips and has a grown up, more sophisticated feel to it. And in true Isa recipe style every recipe I have made from it works and gives great results!
I also ran a competition to give  away one of the books I was sent. The competition was to ask Isa a cooking question of your choice and the top 5 questions would go in my interview to Isa, and the top question won a copy of the recipe book! 
So here are the top 5 questions and a couple extra that I wanted to ask the lovely Isa! 

Jenny asks: What is your biggest achievement in your vegan career to date and what else would you like to achieve?

Isa: Probably creating a vegan mayo from scratch that I love even more than the jarred stuff. I'd like to create a melty cheese that I love. 

Liz asks: What has been your hardest non vegan food to make vegan, and how did you overcome it?

Isa:The aforementioned melty cheese. I'm still working on it! Honestly, if something doesn't work right after the first few times, I usually move on. Someone else will figure it out. 

Ellen asks: What is your favorite music to listen to while you are cooking and do you listen to different kinds of music while cooking different things?

Isa: I don't have a set kind of music that I listen to for any particular type of food. I usually just do Pandora since I don't have to think too much about it. I've got my Hall & Oates Pandora station to a pretty sweet place.  

Caroline asks: I first saw Isa on the online Post Punk Kitchen tv shows with Terry many moons ago. I would like to ask Isa if there are any future tv plans? It would be awesome so see her on our screens.

Isa: Thanks and yep, check out my new series, Make It Vegan! 

Danielle asks: Have you ever had any disasters when trying to make a vegan alternative ?

Isa: Yes, always!  The things I have done to lentils loaves and vegan omelettes are unpseakable. 

DBB: What are your memories of first becoming vegan and what inspired you too cook?

Isa: Having fun with friends in the kitchen, cooking everything in Tofu Cookery and Moosewood Cookbook, and eating lots of Chinese takeout. I started cooking because it was fun and there weren't too many vegan restaurants back then. 

DBB: What is your go to meal when you are busy?

Isa: Usually some kind of soup or stew with  lots of veggies, beans and grains. 

DBB: Your new book 'Isa Does It' is amazing! The photo's and recipes are fabulous and to me it seems to have a sophisticated and grown up feel to it while still being accessible to vegan cooks of all levels. What are your favourite recipes from the new book? and has writing this book been different from your other recipe books?

Isa: I can't pick a favorite! I love all the ones in the videos, though: the Meaty Beany Chili, Glam Chowder, Dragon Noodles, Enchilada Casserole. It was different writing this one because I feel like I've learned so much from writing recipes for the past decade, and I was able to apply all those lessons here.  

DBB: What meal or food brings back special memories for you and why?

Isa: Matzoh Ball Soup. It's just pure comfort for me and reminds me of being a kid and all the wonder that went along with it.  

DBB: Thanks so much Isa! You are my vegan food hero and it has been a total honour to be able to interview you! 
Isa: Thank you! 

Here is one of Isa's great mini cooking shows 'Make It Vegan!'

'Isa Does It' is available uk wide (please ask your local book shop to stock it if they don't have it, and support local!) of course you can also buy it online! It's priced around £20 

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