Thursday, 10 January 2013

Deerly Beloved Wedding Plans

On the 6th of April Kyle and I are having a Civil Wedding in Norwich, and I thought I would start a little blog post series about how our plans are going!
We are having a very intimate day with just a few friends and family, as we want the day to be more about our commitment to each other than about 'the big day'!
We are making lots of the things ourselves: (I am making my cake and doing the catering which may be the best idea or worst ever, we shall see!) my mum had her own flower shop for 18 years (and is the best florist on the planet) so will be doing our flowers, our friends will be playing music for us (Kyle used to be in bands with our two best men), we are hand making paper pom poms, bunting and decorations and my lovely friend Laura Manfre made our wonderful invites below!
We are hunting down vintage crockery at second hand markets and stores and buying biodegradable cups and napkins as I am also aware of the impact weddings can have on the environment! There can be so much waste for just one day!
I cannot say much about my dress other than it has a vintage feel and only cost £40! Bargain!
So far it has been pretty easy to find vegan alternatives for most things and even some mainstream shops have faux leather or canvas shoes which has been great, as most of the specialist vegan shoes have been way out of our budget.
We are so happy to be having the wonderful Joanna Millington do our photography which we am so excited about!
It's all slowly starting to fall into place and get sorted and I hope to share our progress with you over the next couple of months! X

Have you got any green eco tips or some vegan weddings gems you would like to share? Or any vegan friendly wedding things you would like me to research for this blog series? Please comment below! X

There may be one or two of these too! 


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  2. I got my vegan wedding shoes from House of Fraser of all places! They were quite high and cream lace with a peep toe. I loved them and they weren't leather!!

  3. Hey Lucy! Vegan things can be found in the strangest of places eh! Maybe you could do a bit on the blog about any vegan wedding tips you have! X