Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Snow Day!

Today has been a crazy snow day! It has snowed all afternoon and looks set to continue most of the week here in Norwich. It's days like these I am so glad I work from home and that Kyle only has a 5 minute walk to work!
So today has been all about keeping warm with lots of hot drinks, eating yummy tofu scramble and making cakes for Waterstones Café W!
It has been so nice working in my warm kitchen while watching the snow fall, and for once our, shall I say 'rustic' garden looks very neat all blanketed in white!
I hope wherever you are you keep safe and warm, here are a few wintery snaps I took today.



  1. The tiramisu marble cake looks and sounds amazing! Happy Snow Day!!!

  2. Thank you! It's one of my favourites to make(and eat!) X