Saturday, 20 April 2013

My Week According To My Camera!

1) Rose and Pistachio Cake available at Biddy's Tea Room
2) Coffee and Chocolate Whoopie Pies and Cinnamon Whirls available at St Benedicts Food Store
3) Soda Bread Lunch
4) Jiji Birthday Cake
5) Pinkie Pie Birthday Cake
6 & 7) Cookies and Kream Cake
8, 9 & 10) Clutter City
11 & 12) Our little girl Aggi!


  1. Loving the look of that soda bread, and THAT OREO CAKE! Can't wait to meet lil' Aggi!

  2. Aggi can't wait to meet you either! She is a secret vegan cook I think, she was playing with and eating all my herbs in the garden yesterday! Her favourite is bay leaves! :)

  3. Rose and pistachio cake sounds super decadent and elegant! Is the frosting butter cream?

  4. Yes it's vegan butter cream. It's my husbands favourite cake that I make and we had a layer of it in our wedding cake!