Sunday, 21 July 2013

Family Picnic!

Today we had a family picnic! It was so nice to get everyone together and enjoy the lovely weather we have been having, even if it was a little cooler today (thank goodness!)
I made potato salad, red cabbage coleslaw, broccoli and tomato mini 'quiche', corn on the cob, olive bread, watermellon slices, double chocolate brownies, cinnamon whirls, fruit juice lollies, and raspberry yoghurt lollies with added strawberry goodness and a lime and mint cooler to drink.
I hope you all had a great sunday! X


  1. Picnic!! I love picnic. These are very good moments for every person of family. It is great feeling to being together.

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  2. Everything looks and sounds super yum! Those lollies look extra extra slurpalucious! :)

    Why is there that pipe like stick on the side of the lolly holder? Is it to drink up the melted liquid that's dripped inside the cup part? Or is it an elephant shaped one so that's the head/trunk part?

    Haha I know I have a crazy imagination. But I'm so curious!

  3. Hahahah! It's a straw so you can drink the melted lolly! Which is super handy when you give them to children as they can't seem to est them quick enough in the heat we have been having here in the UK! Thanks so much for stopping by! X

  4. Wow, it all looks delicious as always! I'm especially liking the look of those quiches. I never liked egg quiche but I think I'd maybe get on with a tofu version.

  5. Thank you!!!!! I hated the taste of egg but this tofu ha more of a savoury flavour with a hint of nooch and herbs. Shall I put the recipe up? X