Saturday, 20 July 2013

My Week According To my Camera

1) Busy few days with a birthday party cake order!
2) Vanilla Soft Fruits Cake with fruit from the farm we visited and my garden.
3) Lemon and Pine Nut Cake with the most beautiful lemons from the farm.
4) Vanilla and Choc Marble Birthday Cake with Strawberries from the farm.
5) GF Ginger, Pecan and Chocolate Cake.
6) Chocolate Orange Cake with Hand Picked Borage Flowers.
7) Tiramisu Marble Cake.
8) Aggi cooling down with a natural fruit juice lollie in the 30c heat we have been having in Norwich!
9) Red Velvet Cake at Dandy Horse Cafe.
10) Aggi being cute!
11) GF Iggle Piggle Cake.
12) My niece Vada is 14! She asked for a 'Big Bang Theory' birthday cake.


  1. Tiramisu marble cake sounds absolutely divine!

  2. It's really popular at the cafe's I supply and it's up there with my favourite flavour to eat! X