Sunday, 26 February 2012

Deerly Beloved Bakery @ Clutter City Bring on Spring event!

We will be having a stall at the wonderful Clutter City next Saturday the 3rd of March! As always the stall will be full of cakes, whoopie pies, biscotti, muffins and chocolates! Both new and old favourites! Pop on down and say hello! It will be great to see you!

Also this week on our delivery travels Kyle and I made some new friends at Hillside Animal Sanctuary!

I think Kyle wanted to bring one home!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Easter spring box!

The Easter Spring Box.

The Easter spring box is naturally gluten free and of course vegan! It contains:
2 Blueberry and camomile truffles. Fresh home-made macerated blueberry sauce is mixed with organic camomile flowers to create this smooth truffle with organic and fair trade 72% chocolate.
2 Lemon and Pine Nut pralines. Fresh lemon juice and zest stirred into 72% chocolate with home-made chunky pine nut paste.
2 Pistachio Nut Caramels. Home-made thick caramel with chopped pistachios and a hint of sea salt encased in 72% organic and fair trade chocolate.
£7 for a box of 6. Can be posed anywhere in the UK for £3.30. Secure your order now and they will be posted out on the 31st of March so that they reach in time for the Easter holidays! Contact me at and keep your eyes peeled for praline filled chocolate lambs and the Easter Whoopie pie collection coming soon!

Inside the lemon and pine nut praline 

Inside the pistachio caramel

Inside the blueberry and camomile truffle

Sunday, 19 February 2012

New this week!

This week we have a lovely Deerly Beloved Bakery Lemon and Pine Nut cake available at Biddy's Tea Room! A rich lemon sponge sandwich and topped with a lemon butter cream and sprinkled with pine nuts.

As always there will be Cinnamon Whirls available at Tom's St Benedicts Food Store!

Yesterday Kyle and I had a little celebratory engagement tea at my mums house, and I made a new cake especially for it! A yummy chocolate marble cake with chocolate butter cream and homemade honeycomb! 

We had lots of fun! X

Sunday, 12 February 2012

What's new this Valentines Week!

We have gone all loved up and Valentinesy here at Deerly Beloved Bakery and have made a gorgeous Pistachio and Rose Water sponge cake! A rich pistachio sponge sandwiched and topped with rose water buttercream and sprinkled with chopped pistachios! Available this Valentines week at Biddy's Tea Room!

Carrying on the Valentines theme, why not treat yourself or your beloved to the Deerly Beloved Bakery Raspberry, Hibiscus flower and Chocolate centered Whoopie pie? Available this week at Biddy's Tea Room!

Cinnamon Whirls will be available at the lovely St Benedicts Food Store tomorrow so why not enjoy them with a lovely hot cup of coffee to cheer up these cold winter mornings!

Also at Deerly Beloved we have mini Red Velvet cakes boxed up and ready to go to their owners!

And finally I thought I would show you the new little treat I made last night for Kyle and I, Chocolate cherry covered shortbread biscuits! Maybe they should be at my next stall? Lemme know! X

Have a great Valentines! Whether you are single or have a beloved, be nice to yourself and eat lots of vegan chocolate! XXX

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Red Pepper and Fennel Lasagne recipe!

This is my favourite meal to make at the moment, I don't know if it's the weather being cold but I cannot get enough pasta, tomatoes and creamy cashew sauce at the moment! I guess it did get down to -14c last night in Norfolk! So here is the recipe, pop a film on, wrap up warm and eat a hearty plateful of deliciousness!

Red Pepper and Fennel Tomato sauce:
1 Tin of chopped tomatoes
2 Red peppers chopped into cubes
1 Green peppers chopped into cubes
1 Red onion chopped into cubes
1 Fennel bulb chopped into cubes
2 Sticks of celery chopped into cubes
2 Cloves of garlic chopped fine
Half a bag of spinach washed
1 tsp of brown sugar
1 tsp of balsamic vinegar
1 tsp of bouillon
Pinch of thyme or mixed herbs
2 tbsp of tomato purée
Salt and pepper to taste
Glug of olive oil
Vegan organic pasta sheets

Cashew Nut Bechamel Sauce:
1 pack of Mori Nu silken tofu
1 cup of cashew nuts
1/2 cup of Nutritional yeast flakes
3 Sundried tomatoes and
1 tbsp of their tomato infused oil
1 tbsp of lemon juice
1/4 cup of water (may need a bit more if the mixture is too thick)
1/2 tsp of Mustard
Salt to taste

Boil a kettle and pop the pasta sheets into a bowl. Pour the boiled water over the sheets to help them soften up, you don't have to do this but I think it helps speed up the cooking time and makes it easier to assemble. When they are softened (5 mins) gently peel them away from each other and pop on a plate. Next in a pan heat the oil and add the onion, garlic, peppers, fennel, spinach and celery to the pan. You can use any other veggies in this dish and it is a great way to use up an left over veggies that have been hanging out in the fridge!  Carrots, aubergine, sprouting broccoli, courgette would all be great in this! Once they have sweated down a bit add the tin of tomatoes, sugar, bouillon stock, balsamic, herbs, tomato purée and salt and pepper. Give it a taste, taste everything, is it seasoned enough? Has the sugar taken away the acid from the tomatoes? If not add a touch more! Can you taste the herbs? When you are happy, turn the heat down to gently simmer until the veg is just cooked through. Now for the cashew bechamel. Well I lie, a bechamel is usually a roux that soya milk is added too, this is much simpler and guaranteed not to split! In the food processor add the tofu, cashews, yeast flakes, sundried tomatoes, oil, lemon juice and water. Whizz for a minute or two until there are no lumps of cashew nut left. It should be a thick creamy sauce but if you feel it is too thick, add a touch more water. Add a pinch of salt, whizz again and then taste, add more salt if needed.
Now to assemble the lasagne! I always go tomato sauce, pasta, cashew nut sauce, tomato sauce, pasta, cashew nut sauce. I find this best as you are left with a creamy topping that goes gratinated and the pasta goes slightly crispy at the edges and I LOVE that! Then pop it in the oven at 190c to 200c for 25 mins then check. If it's not brown enough pop in for another 5mins. Serve a bit plateful straight away!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Birthday's, anniversaries and snow!

Well folks as I write this it has been snowing thickly for the last hour or so in Norwich! It is soooo cold here but I have barely noticed as I have been so busy celebrating my birthday (Friday) and my 2nd anniversary (today) to Kyle!
For my birthday I made a Tiramisu marble cake, which Kyle and I finished off for breakfast this morning, well today it is our anniversary! We also had bowls of hot soup and watched Woody Allen's Manhattan, which was brilliant! I love Woody Allen and I was so pleased to get the Manhattan DVD from Kyle as a present! Then today for our anniversary we went engagement ring hunting. We wanted to get either recycled rings by local crafts people or antique second hand rings, as the diamond and gold trade has very dark and questionable ethics. After much looking we found a beautiful little ring at an antiques market! I am so pleased and keep catching myself staring down at my ring fingers with a big grin on my face! I also got the best ever red birthday jumper that is so warm, I never want to take it off!

Keep warm and eat cake!

Kayleigh X