Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Deerly Beloved Bakery Christmas Range 2015

The Deerly Beloved Christmas Collection for 2015 is now ready to order! 

Our last collection day is Christmas Eve so just let us know what you would like and the date you would like to collect from our bakery kitchen,

We can also deliver in the Norwich area subject to a delivery fee and some items can be posted UK wide. Please email us for postage and delivery prices. 
Just email

Once we have your order and information we can send you out a paypal invoice or you can pay by cheque. Please note there must be sufficient time to allow your cheque to clear before we will complete your order and all payments must be received in full for your order to be completed.

SPECIAL OFFER! If you pre-order before the 18th of November 2015 you will receive 10% off your order total.
(This offer applies to Christmas Range orders placed before the 18th of Nov 2015 and collected/posted/delivered between 14th-24th December 2015 only. The 10% is not taken off postage and delivery fees)

The Speculoos Whoopie Pie Chocolate Ganache Ginger Cake.

A 2 layer 10'' ginger sponge topped with fluffy buttercream with chocolate ganache, speculoos drops, deer and bird shortbreads and speculoos whoopie pies!

Serves 16 Slices
Collection/Delivery only

Kirsch Cherry Truffle Cake:
2 Layers of rich chocolate sponge sandwiched with fluffy buttercream, kirsch soaked Morello cherries and handmade kirsch truffles.
Serves 16 Slices
GF £50 
Collection/Delivery Only

Our Pistachio Ginger Truffle Tart is bursting with christmas cheer! A rich chocolate biscuit pastry case filled with pistachio truffle ganache topped with pistachio crumb, candied ginger, ginger butter cream and chocolate birdy biscuits. This is a divine christmas centerpiece that the whole family will enjoy! 
Because it's so rich this will easily feed 8-10 people
Collection/Delivery Only

The Deerly Beloved Chocolate Yule Log! A rich chocolate swiss roll style sponge, filled with chocolate butter cream and topped with more buttercream, hazelnuts and a Deerly Beloved gingerbread deer and birdy biscuits!
Feeds 6-8 portions 
Collection/Delivery Only

Chocolate, Orange and Almond Christmas Wreath.
An enriched orange and chocolate dough entwined with chopped roasted almonds and orange zest. Topped with a drizzle of chocolate an orange icing. 
Feeds 6 portions
Collection/Delivery Only

Deerly Beloved Cupcakes. Box of six and up to 3 different flavours per box.
Flavours include:
Smores, Ginger Honeycomb, Cookies and Kream, Coconut SnowBall
Choc Orange, Rosemary Choc, Choc Cherry, Ginger Pecan, Red Velvet, Mince Pie Spice.
GF options available £18
Collection/Delivery Only

 The Deerly Beloved Bakery Certosino Christmas cake.
 An Italian cake filled with pine nuts, chopped dark chocolate, whole almonds, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, unsulphured glace cherries, candied peel, apples, raisins and a little tipple of apple calvados! All bejewelled with nuts, glace fruits and apricot glaze! 
Serves 20 People
  10" cake £45
  Also available in Gluten Free! 10'' £50
  Collection/Delivery Only

Chocolate Mint Marble Cake. 
A rich chocolate and green mint colour marble sponge with mint buttercream topped with melted chocolate and candied mint leaves.
4.5'' Two Layer Mini Cake £10 GF £11
8'' One Layer Cake £20. Two Layers with Vegan Buttercream £29 GF add £5
10'' 1 Layer £25. Two Layers Sandwiched with Vegan Buttercream £35. GF add £5
4.5'' Serves 2. 8'' Serves 10. 10'' Serves 16.
Collection/Delivery Only

 Our Peanut Flutter Bars
 One of our best sellers at our pop up events. With a layer of shortbread, a layer of crunchy and smooth peanut topped with chocolate, these make for a wicked but satisfying treat!
Box of 6 £12
Collect from our bakery or can be posted to a UK address for £5 p&p 1st class

 Our Peppermint Patty Slice is another of our most popular bakes! A rich chocolate cake base with peppermint icing topped with a layer of rich chocolate!
Box of 6 £12
GF £14
Collect from our bakery or can be posted to a UK address for £5 p&p 1st class

Our Double Chocolate Brownie.
 Rich and gooey, these brownies satisfy the biggest chocoholics!
Box of 6 £12
GF £14
Collect from our bakery or can be posted to a UK address for £5 p&p 1st class

Peanut Butter Blondies.
 Our new favourite here at the bakery! 
A rich gooey blondie filled with peanut butter and choc chips!
Box of 6 £12
Collect from our bakery or can be posted to a UK address for £5 p&p 1st class

Girl Scout Coconut Rings.
Rich Coconut Biscuits dipped and drizzled in melted chocolate.
 Box of 6 for £12
 Collect from our bakery or can be posted to a UK address for £5 p&p 1st class

Chocolate Almond Biscotti.
A Classic Christmas treat. Great with coffee or a sneaky hot chocolate. Almond twice baked biscuit 
topped with melted chocolate and flaked almonds
Box of 6 £12
Collect from our bakery or can be posted to a UK address for £5 p&p 1st class

Coffee House Hermit.
This is my sister's favourite Deerly Beloved Christmas bake. A rich gingerbread with coffee, sultanas, molasses, and a brown sugar crunch topping. 
Box of 6 £12
Collect from our bakery or can be posted to a UK address for £5 p&p 1st class

Stollen Bread! 
This Stolen Bread is enriched with sultanas, cherries, candied orange, cinnamon, and chopped apple before being wrapped around two lots of almond marzipan instead of the traditional one! 
Feeds 10 -12 people

collection or Delivery Only


Tomato and Broccoli Quiche.
6 individual Tomato and Broccoli Quiches

 Pesto Pin Whirls
12 Puff Pastry Pin Whirls with homemade basil and pinenut pesto.
Collection/Delivery Only

Red Onion, Cranberry and Vegan Sausage Puff Pastry Plait. 
Puff pastry plait encasing vegan sausage stuffing with dried cranberries fresh sage, herbs and spices.
£15.50 Serves 6-8 People
Collection/Delivery Only

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Ninth Annual Vegan Month of Food aka “VeganMoFo” returns  September 2015
The ninth Annual Vegan Month of Food (aka “VeganMoFo”) returns for another month-long culinary affair, encouraging daily posts beginning September 1, 2015, and bigger + brighter engagements via Instagram updates and daily creative prompts at VeganMoFo HQ (
This worldwide event features participants hailing from over 22 countries, who pledge to post about vegan food on a near daily basis throughout the entire month of September. VeganMoFo’s evolution has seen it expand beyond the realm of blogs to encompass all social media platforms: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and beyond. These food writers ,professional and home cooks will write about what they eat and what they cook, all with the intention of showcasing the wide and delicious world of vegan food.
Kayleigh of Deerly Beloved Bakery is a Norwich based vegan baker, blogger, author and owner of Deerly Beloved bakery joining in for their 5th VEGANMOFO and focusing on delicious recipes, tales from her bakery, videos and possible posts about Moomins and schnauzers.
This internet-based September 1-30, 2015, across hundreds of blogs and social media accounts around the globe.
Weekly blog and Instagram roundups will be be housed at VeganMoFo International HQ ( and updated on the official Instagram, @veganmofo. The official website also offers writing guides and post ideas, an RSS feed, blogs by category, an F.A.Q., sign up and 2015 badges.
VeganMoFo is a grassroots event that evolved from an international community of vegans who love to cook, and are passionate about sharing their love of vegan food with the rest of the world. The idea was first created by famed vegan chef, cookbook author and Modern Love chef/owner Isa Chandra Moskowitz of The Post Punk Kitchen (
- See more at:

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Photo Or It Didn't Happen!

Once again it's been a busy old few months for Deerly Beloved!
 We have got to make so many lovely cakes and been able to be so creative with all the novelty cake orders we have had. 
We have tried to take as many photo's as possible in the theme of 'Photo or it didn't happen!' Trust me a lot of cakes didn't get snapped but they definitely happened! :) 
We were also were named in the top 7 UK Vegan Businesses on BuzzFeed! Which we are extremely proud of! So all in all it's been a busy but exciting few months. 

1) Our lovely customer Miranda turned 18 and I was lucky enough to make her cake :)
2) Friday's baking
3) Our New Chocolate Orange Cake
4) Chocolate Orange Totoro Cake
5 ,6,7,8) Plans for a Nigerian/Scottish Fusion Cake, making it, and the finished three tier cake!
9) Our New Lemon Shortbread Cake
10) Red Velvet Cake
11)  Our New Rosemary Chocolate Cake
12) Peppa Pig Dino Cake
13) GF Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cake
14) Hazelnut Chocolate Music Cake
15) Vanilla Ipswich Town Cake
16) Chocolate and Vanilla Baby Shower Cupcakes
17) Hand painted Alice In Wonderland Cake for Waterstones Cafe W 150 years of Alice event
18) Black Forest, Hazelnut Choc and Cookies and Kream Cupcakes
19) Our sellout Pop Up Cafe at Norwich Makers Market
20) Our sell out stall at The Global Village Market
21) Us in the Top 7 UK Companies on Buzz Feed
22,23) Lovely photo's from our customers enjoying our cakes!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

What we have been up to for the last few months!

I have to first off apologise for not posting for soooo long! It has been so busy at Deerly Beloved that I haven't had a chance to post for what seems like ages. So rather than tell you what I have been up to, I thought I would post pictures because we all love food pictures right? 

1) My favourite seasonal cake Blood Orange and Almond Cake! (see you in the winter time my darling blood orange!)
2) Sunday baking for Unio Cafe, Biddy's Tea Room and St Benedicts Food Store
3)  Friday Baking orders
4) Our new Chocolate and Vanilla Shortbread Cake!
5) Our New Hazelnut Latte Cake!
6) Easter Chocolate Deluxe Box
7) GF Lemon, Almond and Blueberry Cupcakes
8&9) Sell out Mind Body and Spirit Festival Stall at the Forum
10) I turned 29 and my lovely sister made me a Moomin cake!
11) Cupcake order! Cookies and Kream, Rosemary and Choc and Black Forest.
12&13) Our cakes at Unio Cafe at the UEA with it's purdy signage!
14) GF Chocolate Matilda Book Cake with chocolate ganache
15&16) Cookies and Kream Totoro Cake!
17) Me wearing the gorgeous All Glamour No Guts necklaces!
18) A busy day at the 2nd Norwich Zine Fair co-created by my lovely husband Kyle.