Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A few things I can't be without...

I was thinking about products I can't live without and actually there isn't that many! I am quite a low maintenance gal and spend most of my 'disposible' income on, you guessed it food! ( I am a geek that gets excited about coconut water or organic veg boxes), but there are a couple of products I use religiously which I will tell you about! But first of all I would like to say that in the past and even now around 'that' time I don't have the best skin and have struggled with spots, acne and clogged pores since I turned into a teenager! However since changing my diet and became first a vegetarian at 17 and now vegan my skin is soooo much better. When I was 17 I cut out milk and embraced soya, almond, and rice milk and rarely ate cheeses, butter or eggs. My only downfall was chocolate and working in a chocolate shop didn't help my addiction! However now I don't miss it and crave fruit instead, which is a huge turn around for me (just ask my family and friends), that's not to say when my family have chocolate bars or a birthday cake that I can't eat, I don't feel my chocolate cravings digging their claws in! I do, but can now deal with it and come prepared with some delicious vegan treats in my rucksack!
Anyway back to my favorite things.......

This is my mineral foundation that I use everyday! It's by Lily Lolo and is called Blondie foundation. It is a mineral powder foundation, covers like a dream and has a natural SPF too! I get compliments about my skin all the time when I wear this, and people seem shocked to learn about my skin problems! I also wear their shimmer powder called Star Dust and makes your skin highlighted and wonderful. I have been using their mineral foundations for around 6 years and a little goes a long way! I buy probably 2 pots a year of the foundation and 2 of the shimmer and I wear it every day! They do however have a couple of eye shadows that do contain carmine which is NOT vegan. Which is a real shame as everything is else is animal free! They are however SLS, SLE free, no Parabens, and are BUAV approved.

My next favourite is Faith in Nature Rosemary shampoo! It is lovely and doesn't dry your hair even tho it is all natural ingredients. I love it! The price point is amazing considering Faith could charge as much as it's competitors as it is a natural biodegradable shampoo! They have a great range of other products too, but I so far use this as bubble bath, shower gel and (to my ex co-workers horror) my face wash! It doesn't dry your skin out or your hair and for a girl with long nearly elbow length hair it's magic! I don't use conditioner which may shock most people as I know not conditioning your hair is a deadly sin. But since going vegan my hair regulates it's natural oils (it's not greasy or dry) and to be honest I cant be bothered!  

So my final 'I can't be without product' is my pit rock, I know it's not the most attractive looking or exciting way of applying a deodorant but it sooo works, lasts FOREVER and I am happy in the knowledge that I am not heightening my risk of breast cancer while using this little baby!

So what are your must haves? Lemme know in the comments box! Oh and if anyone knows of a moisturiser that won't give me break outs do share, as I am now on the wrong side of my 20's and think it might be good to slap something on my face now the few little lines have started to say hi!


  1. Hi Kayleigh!

    I saw your comment on the Lily Lolo profile on Facebook and was immediately interested since I too live in Norwich. I'm a blogger too, but my MA dissertation is not letting me post anything right now. Study, study, study! This is a great, very useful post. About suggestions for a moisturiser... I've been trying Kimberly Sayer's Extra Light SPF 25 lately. It's very affordable at twenty-something pounds for 150ml and two or three drops covers the whole face. I haven't found it in Norwich, though, so I ordered online. Another great moisturiser is almond oil. They sell it as 'massage oil' at Rainbow Wholefoods. Rub two or three drops in your palms and pat on. Rosewater works as a moisturising toner. They sell it at the spice stall at the market and it's about £2. I keep it in a spritzer bottle for convenience. Whoa, long comment! I'm a bit of a skincare geek after having had acne for a long time.

  2. Hi Aino! Thanks for your comment! i am so excited to try the rosewater, it sounds yummy! Will defo give a few of these recomendations a whirl as I break out as soon as I use any moisturiser! Had a look at your blog and are you gluten free? If so a lot of my recipes are gluten free and I supply a glutenfree chocolate cherry brownie to rainbow! Thanks for stopping by! x