Thursday, 25 August 2011

Avocado and red pepper sushi.

Today I made some avocado and red pepper sushi for lunch, and it was sooo delicious! I have really missed veggie sushi (I have never had the fish variety) as both M&S and Pret have egg in theirs and I don't know where else you can buy vegan sushi in Norwich. I decided on avocado for it's creamy texture and it's flavour works really well here but you could use alfalfa sprouts, cucumber or green beans. I also used normal white rice, I find it works just as well as special sushi rice for half the price. You could use brown rice but it might not stick so well, or even quinoa for an even healthier lunch!

Avocado and red pepper sushi.
This amount makes around 15 sushi depending on how large you cut them.

Half an avocado cut into slices
Half a red pepper cut into slices
1 cup of White rice
2 cups of water
1 tsp sugar
1 tbs of rice wine vinegar
Pinch of salt
Nori sheets

Pop your rice on to cook. They are all different, just follow the instructions on the packet. Usually though it is 1 cup of rice to 2 cups water. Cook until the water is nearly all gone, then give it a good mix, the remaining water in the pan will help make the starches come out of the rice and make it a little sticky. Add the salt, vinegar and sugar and mix, leave to cool while you prep the rest of the sushi.
Slice up your avocado and pepper.

Then spread some of the slightly cooled rice on a nori sheet.

Leave a slight gap along on edge, then lay some avocado and pepper in a line down the middle of the rice.

The gap you left along the edge can now be moistened with some cold water to help the edges stick together once rolled. Your fingers are the best tool for this!

Then from the top edge gently roll it towards you, going as tightly as you can.

You will then be left with a long sushi roll.

Then just slice it up into bite size pieces and enjoy with tamari, pickled ginger and wasabi!