Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Recipe jars!!!!!

Recipe jars will be available to buy from this week!
 Kicking of with my favourite recipe, the 'My boyfriends dumped me cookie'. This cookie mix will see you through your worst days including situations such as...
I got a bad haircut!
I lost my job! 
I lost one of my favourite socks!
My house has been attacked by werewolves/zombies!
 These great presents come with a handmade full recipe and method booklet, and is packed in an airtight glass jar that can be made into a cookie jar to store your cookie creations in! Once you get this recipe jar home all you have to do is empty the contents into a bowl and add 1/4 of a cup of your favourite 'milk' substitute to it and voila! Ready to shape, cook and eat!
Come have a nose at them this weekend at the Earlham Road Plantation Garden which will be holding it's summer craft fair and I will be having a stall! You can also order from me directly at or 07768762998


  1. Hehe I made a recipe jar for my boyfriend once: double chocolate muffins. It's such a nice gift idea for people who like to eat baked goods (and not especially make them). I bet you'll sell all of them. Your instructions labels look too cute.

  2. Thankyou Veggie Tales! Yumm chocolate muffins! Your boyfriend sounds as lucky as mine! My boyfriend has always got some kind of cake to eat in this house! x