Friday, 4 November 2011

A lovely comment, salted caramels, ganache and coconut truffles!

photo by Naomi from Inannas Festival.
Today I recieved this lovely comment form Naomi at Inannas Festival.

'Now THIS was a birthday cake for me SO DIVINE I cannot begin to tell you!! A lit...tle package from Deerly Beloved Bakery arrived at the shop containing: a Hazelnut sponge of unutterable lightness & sweetness, topped by a chocolatey layer of supreme deliciousness! It melted in the mouth, with a warm hazelnut nutty flavour! Mmmm! Next to it nestled a little similarly bird-decorated 'scone' shape: but no scone: a spiced Green Tea cake: with a sweet layer of some kind of creamy-cheesy but TEA-scented sweetcream in the middle! WOW wow wow! THANKS SO MUCH! ~ N x'
It is so lovely when you get great feed back from lovely people! Thanks Naomi!
I have also been very busy making an order of coconut truffles, 62%cocoa ganache truffles and salted caramel chocolates for a party tomorrow!

coconut truffles and plain 62% ganache truffles.

salted caramels 62% cocoa chocolate with a runny caramel center.
You can order yours for £6 for a box containing 2 coconut truffles, 2 plain original ganache truffles and 2 salted caramel chocolate. They are made with 62% cocoa chocolate , which is organic and fairtrade. The coconut is cold pressed, organic,unrefined coconut oil. All hand rolled, dipped in chocolate to give them a crunch as you bite in! They will also be available at all the fairs I will be doing in the coming months!

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