Monday, 2 January 2012

My cute new apron

I had to just do a quick blog post about my new little apron which my wonderful mum made me for Christmas! Isn't it gorgeous!

I love handmade gifts! (See previous blog entry!!!!) And I will be wearing it at a stall near you soon! In other news my cakes are back in Biddy's Tea Room today after the Xmas break, and it is a much requested Red Velvet cake! Also back in Biddy's are the ever popular Green Tea and Pistachio Whoopie Pies! And from tomorrow my Cinnamon Whirls will be back in Tom's Food Store on St Benedicts Street! So make sure you get your cruelty free new year cake fix!

Red Velvet Cake 

Green Tea and Pistachio Whoopie Pies


  1. Beautiful! Wear that in your bakery! It will surely look good. And did I just read a FREE new year cake?! What a shame I didn't get one!

    Dylan May

  2. I had a chocolate competition at valentines! But keep your eyes peeled for more competitions in the future! :)

  3. So did Deerly Beloved Bakery bring home the bacon? That Red Velvet Cake was designed beautifully, and I love how you used natural coloring for the design of the cake. The contrast between the red design and the white cream on top of the cake is just mouthwatering!

    Jamie Shellman