Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wedding bakes and what's new this week!

So this week I had to make cakes for the lovely Holly and John for their wedding day! It was a peacock feather theme, so I cut out by hand individual ovals and hand painted them with the 'eye' of a peacock feather to be popped on top of 41 mini whoopie pies and some GF cherry brownies! We delivered them on Saturday morning to the Puppet Theatre, where the wedding was being held,  and where I found Holly happy and buzzing with excitement! Knowing that my cakes will be a part of their special day is a wonderful feeling!
Here is some pictures of them being made and being boxed up and ready to go!

Hopefully I will have some pictures to show you of the cakes arranged at the wedding! Can't wait to see them!

New this week is a wonderful Lemon and Pine nut cake which will be available at Biddy's Tea Room tomorrow! It is two layers of rich lemon and pine nut drizzle cake sandwiched with a lemon buttercream and sprinkled with more pine nuts! It is wonderful, it tastes like a promise that summer will arrive again soon!

I have also made the ever popular Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Chocolate Whoopie Pies, which are also available at Biddy's Tea Room tomorrow! Made with 72% chocolate ganache, they taste like a buttered brioche with melted dark chocolate on top! This is one of my favourite cakes that I make!

And finally the Deerly Beloved Bakery Cinnamon Whirls will be in the St Benedicts Food Store tomorrow! Make sure you say hello to the lovely Tom who now also sells dairy free ice cream and a range of great vegan store cupboard essentials as well as locally grown vegetables!

And now here are a few pictures I snapped while baking today including my wonderful Christmas present my boyfriend gave me, which is a gorgeous stag necklace which I have named Storm. The little fork and spoon necklace that I wear a lot of the time is from a trip to Manchester last summer. I only got a fork and a spoon because I am a peaceful cook and believe that all vegan food can be eaten without a knife.

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