Sunday, 15 January 2012

Vegan French Macarons!

Well it's been long in the making and to be honest I have been rather scared to try and have a go at them as they are thought of as a hard treat to make with the proper egg ingredients let alone vegan! But today I had a go at making vegan macarons! And I think they worked out pretty well! They are not perfect and I will be working on them to get the final recipe just right (and slightly more chewy!) And to be honest I have very rough notes on the quantities of each ingredient I put in them as I made it up as I went along! But I am pretty proud that my first ever batch actually got 'legs', cooked, were very light and had a meringue like texture! And they are gluten free like the originals too!


  1. Holy moly, that's exciting. I was bitter that I only found out about French macaroons after I went vegan. They always look so adorable and delicious but I have no idea what they taste like. I just shelved them on my list of things that I will never try to veganize because they use to many eggs...right next to Pavlova.

    But these ones look very convincing so you've given me some hope!

  2. Thanks Veggie Tales! I am still working on the final product but it was a good start! French Macarons are like meringue with almonds or pistachios folded in. Very light and chewy in the middle. I only had then a couple of times but am determined to make them because I hate to think there is any culinary treat that us vegans have to miss out on! x

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