Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Green Tea Jewel Lollies, Sunshine and Talisman!

Today we had sunshine! Actual sunshine and blue sky that warmed up our little glasshouse enough to sit in! So before it rains again and turns cold enough to wear a scarf indoors (and even a hat....seriously) I thought I would make some ice lollies! We have all seen these ice lollies done before but I thought I would jazz them up by doing iced tea lollies and not just yucky black tea (I don't drink regular tea because it makes me feel icky) but my favourite green tea! My niece Vada was round for the day and we have recently got her into playing our favourite board game Talisman, (if you haven't ever played Talisman it's a fantasy warlock and hobgoblin board game that changes every time you play it, and is just great and totally dorky!) so we played a game of it and ate green tea ice lollies in the sun. It was great! Here's some pictures of our day and  a guide to making them yourself! I hope you have had some sunshine where you were today! X

To Make Green Tea Jewel Lollies you will need:
Some lolly molds (available from Lakeland or a good kitchen shop)
A large mug of hot water (enough to fill the molds)
Two of your favourite tea bags
1 Tablespoon of icing sugar
1/2 cup of your favourite soft fruits such as Blueberries and Raspberries

Boil a kettle and fill a mug with hot water add two tea bags and steep them for 3 mins to get a nice flavour. Then remove the tea bags and add the sugar, mix and allow to cool.
Pop some of your soft fruits into each mould. Around 5 fruits per mold is good as it will allow the ice lolly to freeze around the fruit, holding it together nicely.
Then poor over your cooled tea, filling nearly to the top (As the lolly mixture freezes it will expand and fill the lolly mold right to the brim, over filling can lead to lolly overspill!) Place the lolly stick lids on and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours or over night. To loosen the lollies run the molds under warm water and they should pop out easily! Enjoy X

Kyle get's a poltergeist and has to miss a turn!
Vada is the Thief!

I'm gonna beat you! 
Kyle's cards!
My cards!
Vada's cards!
Green Tea jewel lollies!  
Green Tea jewel lollies!
Green Tea jewel lollies!

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