Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beautiful vegan shoes

The other night (way past my bedtime) I was reading and hunting out new blogs (a past time I love doing when I am not up to my elbows in whoopie pie mix) and I happened to find these beautiful Parisian vegan shoes! As I have always been a total tomboy, I love shoes that have a feminine feel to them without teetering heels and glitzy bits stuck on every available space. So I am so pleased to find a range of shoes that are in keeping with my ethics without having to change my style!
I then discovered that the lady who designs them, Marion Hanania, is also friends with my good friend Jeffrey Lewis! What a small world it is! So I decided to contact Marion and ask her a few questions about her vegan shoe range 'Good Guys'.

DBB: Why did you start good guys?

MH: Because I've been a shoe designer for 10 years now and a vegetarian, and I always knew that if I created my own line of shoes, it would be without using any animal products. So that's what I've done!

DBB: What are your inspirations?

MH: Basic men's footwear from the 50's mostly. I was looking into styles that I could wear and that my boyfriend could also wear. I designed very masculine styles, but I added a little twist to make them wearable by women and men. The twist could be the "Swedish ribbon" that I put on the most classic design, or the bright and playful colors that I used for my spring summer collection. I put my everyday inspiration in my blog...

DBB: Who is your style icon?

MH: I have Lots of them: Bob Dylan, Amélia Earhart, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, Jemima Kirke, Yaya Herman Dune, Madeline Valentine......You should google everyone of them!

DBB: What is your favourite vegan food?

MH: It would be a delicious vegan burger at Loving Hut in Paris!

DBB: How would you sum up your style in three words?

MH: Vintage dresses, denim from head to toe, and a pull over winter through to summer.

DBB: What three things could you not live without?

MH: •A sketchbook and a book to read
       •My twin sister and my boyfriend

Have a good day ! Thanks for the fun questions :o) ~Marion

Thanks so much to Marion for answering my questions! Please check out her wonderful shoes here:

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