Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend!

Hope you are having a great long bank holiday! The bakery was closed Saturday and Sunday as everyone needs a little rest and time to have fun! We started friday night off with a lovely meal after a long and tiring working day! We had Spicy re-fried beans, potato and onion rosti's, corn, and a coriander, cucumber and tomato salsa. It was heaven on a plate!
On Saturday Kyle had I had a 'date' day and took ourselves of to the cinema to see Prometheus, which we had been looking forward to seeing for ages. It was okay, we were a little disappointed, but it was still great to go to the cinema as it is quite a rare treat in our house, as was seeing a film on a big screen as we don't have a TV! (Well we do have a little one that we watch dvd's on).
We also enjoyed a lovely  hazelnut coffee at The Cherry Leaf. They do a really nice range of coffees and a cherry hot chocolate, which is one of the only cafe's I know of in Norwich to do a vegan hot chocolate!
Then on sunday we went to my mum's house and she made us a lovely meal and a delicious cranberry sponge with coconut cream and fruit on top! I hope you have all had a great weekend! X

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