Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sassy Scoffs Vegan Dog Biscuits!

A few months ago at the Norwich Veggie Fair I was so happy to find that Niki owner of Sassy Scoffs vegan dog biscuits also had a stall. We got chatting and it felt like we had known each other forever! (not that it was our first ever meeting!) 
Now if anyone knows me at all they will know that I love my furbabies!
I have two Mini Schnauzers named Aggi Paggi and Audrey Snufkin and they are my little soulmates. They adore fruits and vegetables and have green beans, broccoli or carrots with every meal and also have things like chickpeas, quinoa and pumpkin seeds in their diet too. 
When I found out that Sassy Scoffs biscuits were 100% vegan and approved by the Vegetarian Society and use Soil Association approved ingredients I had to try them! 
I thought they were wonderful but as always the proof of the pudding is in the doggle eating it! 
So I took them home and I think the photo below shows how much they were enjoyed! 
So I got in touch with the lovely Niki and asked if she would do an interview with me, and here it is! 

What is the story behind Sassy's Scoffs?
We have a dog, Sassy, a very happy, healthy and interactive dog. However, it hasn’t always been this way. 3 years ago we spent £1180 on skin swabs and a SensiTest to get to the bottom of Sassy’s constant nibbling, scratching, irritation and sickness. The results concluded she was allergic to many grasses, some tree pollens, leaf mould, but mainly to the food she was eating. Although we fed her high quality food, this failed to alleviate her problems, as some of the kibble contained known allergens.
We uncovered so much information about the hidden chemicals in dog food, even the well-known brands, so we took it upon ourselves to cook her meals from scratch every day with totally fresh organic human grade ingredients, including vegetables, seeds and herbs. Often a meat diet for dogs can lack other key nutrients that are vital in maintaining canine health, things such as magnesium which is needed for metabolic and brain function and omega oils which are vital for a healthy skin and glossy coat. We set about developing a unique complementary dog biscuit, which along with the above nutrients, also contain a variety of other minerals and vitamins including A, C & D. Organic herbs are also key to help heal a variety of doggy ailments.
In a nutshell, Sassy’s Scoffs was born out of love for me. It took my humans 18 months to be able to produce the biscuits as they had to attend lots of meetings and had to comply with European legistlation, DEFRA, Trading Standards, Pet Food Producer requirements, Environmental Health and pass through other red tape.  Our product is unique in that it is the only 100% organic, vegan, herbal, complementary dog biscuit in the UK. We are also Veg.Soc approved and our green credentials are that our packaging is part bio-degradable, recycled and printed using vegetable inks.

Why did you decide to make them vegetarian/vegan?
When I was at university I became an advocate of animal welfare and became involved in raising awareness of the farming industry and the appalling way in which such animals are treated. I turned vegetarian, this was over 25 years ago. We became aware of her diet, seeds and herbs are a key area. Because we have seen the dramatic change in her health in relation to this over the past 2 years, we made the decision to provide a totally unique vegan biscuit, one that was 100% organic and provides dogs with vital nutrients their regular diet may lack.

Could you tell us a bit about the herbs and special ingredients you use in the biscuits?
We use only organic herbs and our biscuits are tailored to suit a variety of canine health needs. For instance for high energy, anxious or stressful dogs, we produce Sassy’s Soothers which contain chamomile and passion flower to soothe & calm. Dogs that lack mobility, have arthritis or are working breeds would need Sassy’s Zingers which contain anti-inflammatory turmeric along with alfalfa and nettle to stimulate brain function. Sassy’s Kisses containing parsley are for bad breath and gum problems and Sassy’s Allerg-Eze contain calendula which helps to supress itching and scratching and cleanses a stressful canine system. Our biscuits contain no additives, preservatives, flavourings, toxins or anything unnatural. Furthermore all our ingredients have Soil Association approval and are 100% human grade. Each of our biscuits are full of omega oils because of the variety of health giving seeds we use.

What is Sassy's favourite vegan treat?
Sassy’s favourite vegan treat is anything containing chamomile. This seems to include my legs – though I’m not sure if my legs would be classed as vegan! Every time I put chamomile oil onto my legs after a bath she turns into a praying mantis to try and lick them!

What vegetarian or vegan foods would you recommend to help insure your dog is strong, happy and healthy?
Seeds and herbs all the way. We have surrounding us mother natures’ medicine chest, it’s bursting at the seams with a cure for most animal aliments.

What is one of your top tips for communicating and building a stronger bond with our furry friends?
The number one method I teach within my Soul Speak classes is understanding. Getting to think like your animal/dog will provide you with so much insight into understanding their needs, why they may do a certain thing and also their limitations. Not all dogs are alike, dogs of the same breed are not alike. By treating your dog as an individual you will discover all the wonders that lay beneath their four paws.

What would your perfect day with Sassy be like?
Laying on our bed! Sassy isn’t your typical dog. She doesn’t do long walks, fetch sticks or chase balls. She’s a very spiritual breed and prefers solitude and quiet time. Whenever I do my daily meditation and chanting Sassy lays along my chest and rests her head on my chin; it’s almost as if we are chanting together.
As an animal therapist, Sassy is very interactive with my work and attends client appointments with me. She particularly loves cats and horses.

To find out more about Sassy Scoff biscuits follow the links below! 


  1. Really interesting read. I'd never thought of animals having allergies before.

  2. How did I not know you had two incredibly adorable dogs?!! Such cuties!