Thursday, 13 October 2011

Alphabet kale soup.

I have succumbed to the sniffles which along with the bakery being really busy with getting ready for up coming Christmasy stall things, meetings and baking orders I haven't had a chance to post for about a week! Tut tut! With this changeable weather I felt like a hearty soup but thought I would make it fun by adding some alphabet pasta! I am such a big kid and couldn't resist popping some into this soup and actually most soups I have been making recently! It doesn't add any flavour or really texture (it cooks super quick!) but who doesn't want to be able to spell out there name while eating? Or save their favourite letter (u) to eat last?

So here is a nice little kale and mixed vegetable soup recipe which added alphabet love:

1 large onion sliced
1 large carrot sliced
1 stick of celery sliced
3 cups of washed chopped kale
3 cloves of garlic sliced fine
1 sprig of rosemary
1 bay leaf
Pinch of dried sage
1/2 cup of alphabet pasta
Glug of olive oil
1 tbsp of bouillon stock powder
salt and black pepper to taste

In a large pan add the oil and garlic and gently fry, add the onions, carrots and celery and fry on a moderate heat until the onions start to sweat down and become translucent. Pop in the Bay leaf, rosemary and sage and then add enough water to nearly cover the vegetables. Bring to the boil and add the stock, salt and pepper to taste. Cook until tender, about 20 minutes. then remove the bay and the Rosemary stick, the leaves will probably have fell off, this is fine! Then with a potato masher gently mash the vegetables in the stock mixture to create a chunky but thicker soup. Then add the kale and the alphabet pasta, continue to cook for 5 mins check seasoning and then serve! This is great with toasted sourdough. Enjoy!


  1. Love the idea of using alphabet pasta in a soup. hope you get well soon!

  2. Thanks for that! Hopefully my cold won't last too long,I'm glad to say I haven't lost my appetite!!! Yeah it's such fun! And reminds me of being little again, but without the horrible 'tomato can' tasting sauce!

  3. The alphabet pasta is so cute!

  4. i'll admit the adorable alphabet pasta drew me in, but i'm going to need to keep that soup recipe on hand for quickies.

  5. So cute! Hope you're feeling better by now :)