Friday, 7 October 2011

Dinner party catering.

Did you know that Deerly Beloved Bakery offers dinner party catering? If you are having a girly night in, a special birthday get together or just want the family over but don't want the hassle of cooking, then look no further!

Our main meals with a side of vegetables or salad start at £5 a head. Choose from Moussaka, Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie, Harrisa Roasted vegetables, Chilli Refried Beans with Guacamole and Salsa, Aubergene, Hazelnut and Parsley Pinrolls with a rich tomato sauce, Vegetable Sushi, Portobello mushrooms stuffed with chestnut and herbs, Chestnut pie, and many more!

Desserts start from £4 and include Chocolate mousse with Rapsberries, Chocolate Torte with berries, Pear tart, Lemon Citron tart, seasonal fruit crumbles and many more just ask!

We can also do whole cakes and individual cakes. Please inquire for prices! All meals will be supplied in plastic tubs with a deposit of £1 per tub when returned with your next order ( as we don't like to use disposables as we love our planet), and orders must be over £20 for free delivery in Norwich.

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