Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My week According To My Camera!

1,2,3,&4) Summer harvest from the garden!
5) Stir fried kale and beetroot tops with crispy tofu, noodles and sweet'n'sour sauce. So good!
6 & 7) Moomins Cookbook I found at the library. May try and veganise some of the recipes this month!
7) Me and Kyle at the Hands Off Syria Demo in Norwich. photo by Ann Nicholls
8) Chocolate and Lavender Cup Cakes available at Biddy's Tea Room
9) Cinnamon Whirls available at St Benedicts Food Store

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  1. I love moomins so much! I'd love to see some of the veganised recipes on here :)

    1. I've had a bit of a moomins love affair the last year or so. Since I saw a documentary about Tove Jansson! X

  2. Your chocolate and lavender cupcakes are gorgeous.

  3. A Moomim's cookbook! Will you be cooking from it?

    1. I hope so! I have a couple of unplanned vegan mofo days left so hope to do Mooomin recipes! X