Saturday, 14 September 2013

Norwich 1st Zine Fair

Today my beautiful husband had a stall at the 1st Norwich Zine Fair! We had to gather up our usual provisions for a stall day and Marks and Spencers is usually one of our go to places. We usually treat ourselves on a stall day, whether that be one of my cake stalls or one of Kyle's zine stalls, as sitting selling cakes or zines makes for quite rumbley tummies! Today we got a Soya Latte on the way into the city as it's turned so chilly, a focaccia for tea tonight from Pye Bakeries stall, a sticky bun, veg samosa, crisps and a smoothie from M&S, well you have to have some fruit goodness in there somewhere!
 Kyle set up his stall and we got busy making some posters for the event! We also ate the sticky buns and drank the coffee pretty quick too after carrying cakes to all the cafes I supply this morning!

 The resident kittee cat that was very sweet and decided to pose on the Birdcages piano for me!
There had to be a deer didn't there!

and talking of zines our lovely friend Natalie sent us that latest copy of her zine 'Shrieking Violet' in the post yesterday! You can find out more about Shrieking Violet here:
You can find out about Kyle's comics here: 

And Junkie Juice Comics an Art Collective Zine here:


  1. Looks like a lovely day! Do you have any plans to make another zine? I make the lasagne sauce and marinated mushrooms from your zine a lot! We've only just discovered those M and S sticky buns, I love them, so good with a latte.

  2. Yes I am hoping to make another zine! With the wedding and a puppy I haven't had much free time this year, but I hope to write one again soon! I learnt alot from my last zine, not to do it in colour as I was selling them at a loss as the printing was so expensive. So will do the next ones in black and white and have it contain more pages! I am so pleased you make the lasagne sauce! That is my favourite thing to eat! lol! And yes the sticky buns from M&S are so good! X

  3. I miss Marks & Spencers - literally the best places to go in the UK! The Soya Latte sounds lovely especially with the focaccia, sticky bun and the samosas - all look so good! These comics look amazing!

    1. Cheers! We had a great day and enjoyed all our yummy finds! X

  4. Foodie finds baked goods and kick ass zines, how could you not have a great day?!