Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Week According To My Camera

1) Orange, Walnut and Thyme Bundt Cake Recipe here!
2) Chocolate and Thyme Cupcakes available at Biddy's Tea Room.
3) Victoria Sponge with buttercream flowers just before it got collected by my lovely customer!
4) Hot breakfast on a cold day! Cheezy grits with stir fried black kale, onion and tomatoes from my garden!
5) Asian Tofu with ginger and carrot bulgar wheat and wilted bok choy with sesame seed oil dressing.
6) Trying to dress more 'local'! Jumper made by my mum and dress by Longshanks Original Articles
7) My life is basically all about cakes, schnauzers and deers. So I spend my free time on Schnauzer play dates at Imi's house with Noggin, Fred and Aggi!

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